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BIM at a project level: The BIM manager

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

The rapid growth of BIM since 2002 has led to the introduction of new job roles in the construction industry. The lack of undrestanding what BIM stands for and the undrestanding of roles and responsibilities in a BIM project has led to some confusion over the roles involved in BIM.

BIM manager

The role of a BIM manager in a BIM project is a role still being defined within the construction industry. The fact is that what BIM managers do is a difficult, time consuming and relatively complicated task. Except from overseeing the development of a BIM model, the BIM manager works with information management, process planning and technology adoption strategies.

According to the latest job advertisements in the web, the titles used for various job BIM positions are the BIM Manager, BIM Leader or Director. There are various responsibilities associated with these titles; however, the most important one is to ensure all work performed is in line with the company’s own protocols.

According to CPIC, 2017, the BIM project roles defined in a BEP, post - contract BIM Execution plan are:

  • Project Information Manager: Enforce the Project BIM Standards and ensure delivery of the information requirement in the EIR

  • Lead Designer: Enforce spatial coordination

  • Task Team Manager: Enforce documentation standards

  • Interface manager: negotiate space allocation

  • Task Team information manager: Reject non-compliant models, drawings & documents

  • CAD coordinator: Enforce CAD related Project BIM Standards

In addition, a postgraduate qualification related to BIM is considered beneficial for the BIM Manager however, the relevant courses are relatively new and still being developed, therefore experience is still considered the most important qualification for this role.

According to the latest research, the BIM Manager must have a strong range of technical, contextual and behavioural skills and attributes. The BIM managers should have the knowledge of building designs and the engineering required along with the specialist software packages that are commonly used. Interpersonal skills, like teamwork and leadership are also very important for this job description, as well as the ability to manage resources and projects effectively. Personal attributes such as being self-driven and motivated alongside a genuine enjoyment of the profession is also required for the company to reap the rewards of having a BIM Manager.

Current research shows that in terms of experience, the majority of employers are requesting candidates to have an ‘appropriate level of experience in a relevant field’ rather than specific requirements such as 5 -10 years+ as a BIM Manager. The fact the BIM is a relatively new tool means that not many candidates will have this experience and this is considered a barrier towards BIM adoption and implementation in a project. Having said that, it is advised that all current and future BIM Managers should be encouraged to complete an accredited scheme to become a Certified BIM Manager as this demonstrates one’s abilities, competence and knowledge to both employers and clients.

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Author: Panagiotidou Nicoleta

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