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This blog aims to share perspectives related to processes and technologies that support Building Information Modelling, BIM implementation.  Here, you will find articles related to the BIM process, technology, and events.


Nicoleta Panagiotidou is the creator of the blog breakwithanarchitect. She is an architect with more than 15 years of experience in the construction industry on a wide range of projects, from inception to completion. She is the founder and director of BIM Design Hub, (Autodesk training center), and she actively supports digital skills development in the construction industry, promoting BIM courses. based on ISO 19650 and UK BIM Standards and Autodesk BIM-based training.  She specializes in Sustainable Design, with an MSc from the University of Edinburgh and she is currently researching a Ph.D. in Building Information Modelling, (UCL, London). Nicoleta participated both as a keynote and a guest speaker in BIM conferences and promotes BIM initiatives that add value to the industry and implement innovative business transformations.


She can be contacted by email at:

Nicoleta Panagiotidou_breakwithanarchitect

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