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BIM ISO 19650 CPD certified courses launch

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

We are happy to announce the ISO 19650 BIM courses launch! We are excited to offer online certified ISO 19650 BIM training through an educational platform with a rich learning environment!

BIM training overview

BIM training by BIM Design Hub introduces you to the concepts and principles of Building Information Modelling, BIM, in line with ISO 19650 and provides sufficient skills and knowledge of the BIM process, standards, and guidelines that support the digitalization of the construction industry.

BIM Foundations course

This course provides an overview of Building Information Modelling, in line with the international standard ISO 19650. It describes the principles and concepts of BIM, identifies the industry standards that support the BIM process, information management, and the development of the BIM model, and includes a reference to the UK standards applied to the BIM process.

BIM Information management course

This course requires the completion of the BIM Foundations course. It describes the activities that occur during the ISO 19650 Information Management stages from the Assessment and Need until the Project Closeout and explains the key documents and resources for the Information Delivery planning.

Learning objectives

Through this programme, you will:

❶ Understand the evolution of BIM maturity levels to stages, from the UK's BIM Level 2 to the international ISO 19650 standards, illustrating how the former influenced the latter.

❷Identify ISO 19650 BIM terminology, concepts, and principles, and acquire a detailed understanding of the requirements for an ISO 19650 BIM-compliant project, including information requirements, stages, activities and functions.

❸ Learn about the Standards Methods and procedures, the structure of the Common Data Environment, CDE, the creation of a Federation strategy, the LOD definitions, the Level of Information Need, and the different BIM roles and responsibilities in the industry.

❹ Develop the skills to recognize the information management team's structures and learn how teams generate, review, approve, and publish information within the Information delivery cycle, streamlining project workflows and what are the recommended resources to be developed and consulted at each stage.

❺ Uncover the client's pivotal role and responsibilities at each stage of the process and how to establish Tender requirements and evaluation criteria, ensuring the selection of the right teams for the job.

❻ Master the art of BIM Execution Planning by understanding and developing the documents that support the transfer and delivery of information!


Successful completion of BIM courses results in the award of a CPD, Continue Professional Development certificate with international recognition.

BIM certified training, BIM Design Hub

What is CPD? CPD stands for Continued Professional Development and is the professional's holistic commitment towards the enhancement of personal skills and proficiency through their careers. Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks.

CPD for individuals. CPD enables individuals to adapt positively to changes in work/industry requirements. CPD specific requirements are usually required by sector-professional bodies.

CPD for organizations. Providing CPD accredited learning benefits your organization through recognition and increased brand perception and encourages a healthy learning culture for your organization.


The BIM online training is self-paced and includes online videos, quizzes, further study materials, a discussion forum, a portfolio activity, and 1-1 feedback, offering a highly engaging learning experience.

E-learning ● Training is delivered through an educational platform with video tutorials in structured Modules

Further study material and downloads ● At the end of each Module you will find extra material for further engagement

Portfolio activities ● The activities will help you understand what you have learned and record the development of the course material

Join a community ● In the discussion forum you can interact with other students and participate in the BIM discussion


Read what our students say here:

BIM training benefits

  • Demonstrate competency and skills in using BIM

  • Develop BIM workflows and improve productivity ​

  • Improve ability to implement and realize project goals

  • Work with BIM industry standards

Who is this training for

  1. For graduates or experienced construction sector industry professionals looking to engage with BIM as a process, in line with the industry standards.

  2. For BIM managers who have an interest in efficient project management and BIM, and wish to lead their teams to digital construction goals and BIM implementation.

  3. For teams who wish to demonstrate competency in using ISO 19650 and BIM UK industry standards and the ability to implement BIM as a process.

Instructor: Panagiotidou Nicoleta




BIM training by BIM Design Hub introduces you to the concepts and principles of Building Information Modeling, BIM, in line with ISO 19650 and provides sufficient skills and knowledge of the BIM process, standards and guidelines that support the digitalization of the construction industry.

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