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ISO 19650 in 3 minutes - BIM Execution Plan

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

In this post, I explain the value of a well-constructed BIM Execution Plan in construction information management and the content requirements according to the international standard ISO 19650 (informed by the UK BIM Framework). Watch the video or read the article below.

The BIM Execution Plan has many definitions and interpretations among the various mandates, guides, and specifications across the globe. Although the requirements of a BIM Execution Plan may differ in different contexts, the fact that the BIM Execution Plan is a central living component of a construction project is generally accepted as a means of implementing BIM. See also ISO 19650 in 3 minutes - Information Requirements.

The BIM Execution Plan facilitates industry players with BIM processes and constitutes a conceptual and practical link between the construction processes and practice. It is also considered an effective tool for the owner to coordinate expectations from the design and construction teams. The BIM Execution Plan reduces the time and cost in producing coordinated information and enables teams to minimize wasteful activities.

The value of a well-constructed BIM Execution Plan for efficient BIM implementation has been acknowledged repeatedly in the industry. The international standard ISO 19650 sets out a common approach for information management in construction projects. The standard defines the BIM Execution Plan as a plan that explains how the information management aspects of the appointment will be carried out by the delivery team.

According to the standard, the BIM Execution Plan has two different purposes in supporting the tender, appointment and information delivery activities.

(1) To demonstrate to the client that the potential delivery team has the ability to handle project data according to any assigned information criteria. This is termed ‘‘pre-appointment BIM Execution Plan”.

(2) To offer a delivery instrument that the appointed delivery team will use to produce, manage and exchange project information during the appointment. This is termed "delivery team's BIM Execution Plan". The pre-appointment BIM Execution Plan is considered a response to the tendering requirements of the appointing party while the delivery team’s BIM Execution Plan includes the delivery requirements during the appointment.

According to ISO 19650, the BIM Execution Plan should include:

  • The details of the individuals undertaking the information management functions.

  • The proposed information delivery strategy, including the approach to meeting the requirements, objectives to produce information, the organizational structure of the delivery team and task teams.

  • The federation strategy that is influenced by the complexity of the project, the assets and the team's structure.

  • Any changes to the project's information production methods and procedures related to the asset information, generation, approval, authorization, security and delivery of information.

  • Any changes to the project's information standard including the exchange, distribution and delivery of information.

  • A proposed schedule of software, hardware and IT infrastructure the delivery team intend to adopt.

In simple terms, the BIM Execution plan defines the Who, What, When, and Where in a BIM project.

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