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Minimize information waste - Maximize project impact

Updated: Feb 24

In this post, I discuss the information waste in construction and the potential of the international standard ISO 19650-2 in transforming your processes for the Project Delivery phase.

If you wish to use the available BIM technology solutions efficiently - and wondering how to optimize your processes - then read this carefully:

Information waste is one of the most common challenges in the AEC industry that has many forms: redundant data, inconsistent or inaccurate information, poor collaboration and communication, obsolete or unused information, data overload, time and resources wastage, data security and privacy risks.

All the above issues can be avoided if you set up a solid foundation of how to produce, exchange and deliver accurate digital information.

The international standard ISO 19650-2 Read more provides a structured approach for the Project Delivery Phase that can help your team:

Strategically Plan and Deliver Information

When it comes to digital information, Information management according to ISO 19650-2 ensures that the information you produce is is strategically planned, organized, and delivered in a manner that aligns with the specific requirements agreed upon for the project.

Define the What, Why, How, and When

When working in a project, there are a set of questions that can simplify things: What information needs to be produced? Why is it necessary? How should it be executed? When should it be delivered? By answering these questions, you set a solid foundation for the whole supply chain.

Save Time and Cost

A well-managed process, with clearly defined parameters can result in significant time and cost savings. Efficient information management ensures that resources are used properly, preventing unnecessary delays or rework and contributing to overall project efficiency.

Transform your collaborations

Effective information management is based on clear communication and a shared understanding of the information management process that fosters better collaboration among stakeholders, leading to smoother project workflows.

Ensure data consistency and accuracy

ISO 19650-2 emphasizes the importance of maintaining accurate and consistent data and provides clear guidelines on how information should be created, updated, and managed. By adhering to these standards, you can minimize errors, ensuring that the information shared among stakeholders is reliable and trustworthy.

Leverage Technology for Optimization

While ISO 19650-2 provides a framework, leveraging BIM technology is essential for optimizing your information management processes. Explore advanced BIM solutions that automate tasks, improve collaboration, and enhance data visualization. Integrating cutting-edge technology with ISO 19650-2 compliance allows you to stay at the forefront of industry innovation.

Facilitate Interoperability

ISO 19650-2 promotes the use of Common Data Environment (CDE) and standardized processes, fostering interoperability among different software tools and systems. This ensures that information can be seamlessly exchanged and integrated, reducing friction in collaboration and preventing data silos.

Align with Industry Best Practices

Adopting ISO 19650-2 aligns your organization with internationally recognized best practices in information management for construction projects. This not only enhances your credibility but also facilitates collaboration with global partners and clients who value adherence to established standards.

Not sure where to start?

Our CPD accredited ISO 19650 training solution is based on extensive industry research and a structured learning approach that enables students to tailor their learning experience to match their individual needs and preferences.

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