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Online conference: A new digital era for the construction sector in Greece through BIM technologies

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Online conference: A new digital era for the construction sector in Greece through BIM technologies

The Cooperative Formation IsZEB, in collaboration with CERTH organizes an online conference on "Digital transformation of the construction industry in Greece, through the use of BIM technologies".

Online conference Date: Friday, September 25, 2020

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"Breakwithanarchitect", (Panagiotidou Nicoleta, BIM expert) was invited to the event as a keynote speaker to deliver the presentation "How digitalisation and BIM is transforming construction."

The conference is focused on Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology and aims to inform companies and professionals in the wider construction industry in Greece about the technology and benefits of using BIM through real applications.

Representatives from the European Commission, as well as the Technical Chamber of Greece will present at both European and National level the latest legislative developments, aspirations and incentives provided, regarding actions and initiatives for the digitization of the construction sector.

Part of the event is dedicated to distinguished companies which will present practical applications and examples of successful projects with BIM solutions, while new tools and practices will emerge as a result of research activities aimed at the further development of BIM.

Experts, professionals in the field, academics and representatives of legislative and institutional bodies, will inform and transfer a wealth of information in order to strengthen and digitize the construction industry. The ultimate goal of the event is for companies and industry professionals to gain a better understanding of the technology that is already changing the global construction industry.

The conference is organized with the co-financing of the Region of Central Macedonia.

BIM online conference, Greece, 2020, Keynote speaker, Panagiotidou Nicoleta
BIM online conference, Greece 2020, Keynote speaker, Panagiotidou Nicoleta




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