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An interview with Clive Jordan: How Plannerly fights the "evil BIM"

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Interview with Clive Jordan - Evil BIM

In this interview, I invited Clive Jordan, the co-founder and CEO of Plannerly to talk about of what he calls "Evil BIM". Clive needs no formal introduction; he has worked in the BIM industry for more than 20 years and has a long experience working in various roles, such as Project Manager, Consultant, Director, and Vice president, promoting innovative BIM solutions and services. Today, Clive supports the industry with the BIM Management Platform, Plannerly, and he actively promotes the concept of Smart Lean BIM and the value of proper information management.

Can you give us some context of what you call "Evil BIM"?

Sure! 😃 The term "Evil BIM" is a fun way to describe the dark side of BIM, which is the potential for misuse and abuse of BIM workflows and technology. We've all seen examples of projects where BIM has been used to create unnecessarily complex models, or where data has been used to create "spaghetti diagrams" that are impossible to understand. These are examples of Evil BIM in action. I've written about 14 more examples of evil BIM here:

What are the three implications of "evil BIM" in our industry?

Evil BIM can lead to unnecessarily complex and difficult to manage projects.

Evil BIM can create waste and rework and lead to a loss of trust in the process/technology and its ability to deliver value.

Evil BIM can create a negative perception of BIM in the industry.

How does Plannerly deal with the practical side of BIM implementation and how can projects benefit from the ISO 19650 templates?

Plannerly is a cloud-based tool that helps organisations manage their BIM projects more efficiently. One of the platform's key features is the ability for organisations to follow an ISO 19650 compliant workflow. Owners, Architects and Contractors can quickly standardise their BIM processes and be confident that their important documents (like EIR, AIR and BEPs), models and data will comply with the international standard.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your role as the co-founder of Plannerly and as a BIM expert?

Firstly, we must educate teams about the importance of BIM workflows to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Teams must move away from traditional approaches and think about BIM more holistically!

Secondly, we must ensure that our platform is always up-to-date with the latest industry standards and trends to keep the adoption as simple as possible for our users. Simplifying complex information management workflows is the key for us!

My vision for the future of BIM is that we help it quickly become the core process to manage and share project data, and building owners become more receptive to using BIM to operate buildings and provide the public with a fantastic live-work-play experience.

Don't give up! The benefits of BIM are huge, and there's no reason why your organisation shouldn't be able to realise them.

How can we invite owners to actively engage in BIM implementation?

There are several ways to encourage owners to engage in BIM implementation. Firstly, it is crucial to educate them about the benefits of BIM and how it can help to improve project efficiency and effectiveness.

Secondly, showcasing successful BIM projects and highlighting the value BIM can bring to their projects is vital.

Finally, it is essential to engage with them early in the project lifecycle and to ensure they are involved in key decisions regarding BIM adoption and implementation.

The Plannerly platform has evolved significantly during the past years with new features that support the concept of Smart Lean BIM. What the future looks for Plannerly?

The future for Plannerly is exhilarating. Yes, we are constantly adding new features and functionality to the platform, and we plan to expand our team and user base significantly over the coming years.

In addition, we are working on several new initiatives to help us promote the concept of SmartLeanBIM and spread the word about the benefits of using our platform.

We're making good progress, and Plannerly is being used by some of the world's leading organisations. It's really exciting for our team.

We are passionate about making BIM more efficient and effective, and we believe our platform can play a key role in helping achieve this!

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Plannerly - The BIM Management Platform:

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Interview by Panagiotidou Nicoleta

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