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ISO 19650 in 3 minutes: Benefits and challenges

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

In this post, I present some of the key benefits and challenges of the international standard ISO 19650. Watch the video or read the article below.

If you work in the construction industry, then you know that ISO 19650 is the new international standard for information management and Building Information Modelling, BIM.

You may also know that construction projects compose a complex ecosystem and that the lack of a structured approach results in delays and rework, with a major impact on time and budget.

This is particularly important if we consider the massive amount of data and information produced and exchanged in a construction project. The international standard ISO 19650 provides a common framework and language for information management in BIM and supports the different construction markets to work together. The framework helps to reduce conflicts and duplication of work and enhances collaboration and coordination among project stakeholders and as a result, reduces risk and cost.

The standard consists of five documents based on a Publicly Available Specification or a British Standard of the UK BIM Level 2 suite of documents that were tested and reviewed in connection with the industry.

Part 1 outlines the concepts and principles for business processes in the construction industry for information management during the lifecycle of an asset. Part 2 and part 3 specify the activities and tasks within the information management process for the delivery and operational phase of the whole asset lifecycle. Part 4 defines the information exchanges based on open data schemas and formats and promotes a sustainable approach to information exchange. Part 5 provides a framework to assist organizations to manage the security risks in the collaborative sharing of information.

The five standards are applicable to built assets and construction projects of all sizes and all levels of complexity.

One of the key benefits of the standard is that reinforces the role of the employer (the client) providing a structured process to control and manage information in BIM implementation.

The standard also enables construction professionals to exhibit compliance to international standards and best practices, thereby enhancing their market competitiveness and reputation. Nonetheless, construction professionals encounter certain difficulties while utilizing ISO 19650. One challenge is considered the necessity of investing in training, tools and systems to effectively execute the standard.

Another challenge is the complexity and variability of the standard that may result in inconsistencies among project participants when it is adapted to each project context. To optimize the advantages of ISO 19650, construction professionals can begin by creating an information management strategy that clearly outlines the roles, processes and tools.

BIM implementation requirements include a change of direction towards new tools and an integrated approach towards digital processes and workflows. ISO 19650 establishes an international best practice approach for information management of built assets and can benefit all stakeholders, including architects, engineers, consultants, contractors, asset owners and operators.

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