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ISO 19650 in 3 minutes - Information Management functions

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

In this post, I explain the concept of Information functions, as they are defined in the international standard ISO 19650 (informed by the UK BIM Framework). Watch the video or read the article below.

According to ISO 19650, each member of the project has specific information management functions for each stage. An information management function is a set of tasks appointed by the appointing party or the lead appointed party, or a third party. The principles of the Project and Asset information management functions are described in ISO 19650-1.

The information management functions are divided into three categories, the asset, the project and the task information management functions. Task information management functions identify the tasks performed in the information production phase of the asset, such as the coordination of information across multiple tasks. Project information functions include the tasks for the asset's delivery phase, such as establishing methods and procedures and the project's Common Data Environment. Asset information management functions relate to the tasks performed in the operational phase of the asset, such as the authorization of information for operation and maintenance.

Examples of information management functions of the appointing party (the client or owner) are the definition of requirements and deliverables, the review and acceptance of information and the appointment of teams. Examples of information management functions of the lead appointed parties (the parties appointed by the client) are the response to tender, the development of the Master Information Delivery Plan and the resolution of coordination issues. Examples of information management functions of the appointed parties (the task teams) are the generation of information, the establishment of the Task Information Delivery Plan and the checking and approval of information.

Before appointing information management functions, the appointing party should consider the competency of individuals undertaking the information management function (read more about the Assessment and Need stage here). The individual's competencies should be managed or assessed under technical and non-technical competencies. The technical competencies may include relative project experience, the application of national and international BIM standards and software skills. The non-technical competencies may include planning and organization, research and analysis initiative and problem-solving (read more about the information management skills according to ISO 19650 here).

ISO 19650 requires a responsibility matrix to be generated as part of the information delivery planning process that defines who is responsible, accountable, consulted and informed for the different tasks in the project. The responsibility matrix is refined to become a detailed responsibility matrix after the appointment and informs the Task Information Delivery Plan.

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