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Workshop Energy efficiency in buildings-interventions, projects and BIM as a tool for energy saving.

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Breakwithanarchitect participates as a guest speaker in the workshop "Energy efficiency in buildings-interventions, projects and BIM as a tool for energy saving" at Expo 2019.

Workshop information:


17:00 - 19:15

HALL 1 - Building Green Open Space

Metropolitan Expo, in International Airport of Athens “El. Venizelos”

Faced with unprecedented challenges, whether in terms of energy efficiency, including the roll-out of passive or positive construction standards, or the digital revolution, with the increasing interest stirred by BIM and "Smart Building" technologies, the European construction sector is central to BIMEET project. The project ties in these two challenges with an ambitious goal: to create a standardized skills framework applicable across the EU, based on BIM, in order to develop without delay new training modules focusing on energy efficiency and BIM.

Professionals and blue collar workers need to be aware of new upcoming challenges relating to nearly-zero energy buildings, including novel methods and ICT such as BIM, improving multidisciplinary approaches and understanding across different trades.

The aim of this Workshop is the presentation of the possibilities of the use of BIM in order to achieve Energy Efficiency in buildings, of the role of BIM in the design of Smart Buildings, as well as the presentation of specific effective interventions and good practices which conclude to this target.

This Workshop is organized in the frame of the project BIMEET “BIM-based EU-wide Standardized Qualification Framework for achieving Energy Efficiency Training- www.energy-bim.com, which is implemented by the Center of Renewable Energy Sources and Savings (CRES) and is funded by the European Programme HORIZON 2020.

Breakwithanarchitect was invited as a guest speaker and talked about BIM and digital construction process, workflow and standards

Agenda and information: http://events.buildinggreen.gr/session/eksoikonomisi-energeias-sta-ktiria-efarmoges-erga-kai-to-bim-os-ergaleio/

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